College Students

"Unlock your creative potential with our free Canva course tailored for students. Enhance design skills, gain a competitive edge for future careers, and build an impressive portfolio. Join a dynamic learning community, making education visually engaging and impactful."


"Revitalize your creativity as a housewife with our free Canva course. Learn practical design skills, engage in flexible learning to fit your schedule, and join a supportive community. Empower your artistic journey, making every creation a masterpiece."

Network Marketing Leaders

"Empower your network marketing leadership with our specialized free course. Acquire cutting-edge design skills, elevate brand visibility, and amplify your influence. Join a dynamic community of leaders, master the art of persuasive visuals, and advance your network marketing success!"

Coaches and Trainers

"Empower your coaching and training journey with our free Canva course. Develop impactful design skills, craft compelling visuals, and enhance your brand presence. Join a supportive community of coaches and trainers, and take your professional impact to new heights."

Lecturers and Teachers

"Elevate your teaching impact with our free Canva course for lecturers and teachers. Acquire essential design skills, create compelling educational visuals, and enhance communication. Join a supportive community, transform your teaching materials, and engage students effectively through captivating visuals."

Inspiring Public Speaker

"Inspire with visuals! Our free Canva course for public speakers enhances your impact. Master design skills, create captivating presentations, and amplify your influence. Join a supportive community, and empower your speaking engagements with compelling visuals that leave a lasting impression."


"Fuel your entrepreneurial journey with our free Canva course. Elevate your brand visuals, master design essentials, and create compelling content. Join a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, enhance your online presence, and make your business stand out in a crowded market."

Freelancers and Solopreneurs

"Empower your freelance journey with our free Canva course. Master design skills, create standout visuals, and elevate your brand. Join a supportive community of freelancers and solopreneurs, enhancing your professional toolkit for greater success in the gig economy."

Sales Executives

"Empower your sales game with our free Canva course. Develop compelling design skills, create impactful sales visuals, and elevate your brand presentation. Join a community of sales executives, stand out in pitches, and enhance your persuasive prowess through effective visual communication."

Job seekers

"Elevate your job search with our free Canva course tailored for seekers. Master design essentials for compelling resumes and presentations. Join a supportive community, and stand out in interviews with visually impactful materials that leave a lasting impression on employers."

"Master Canva Design: Elevate Your Skills with Our Specially Crafted Masterclass for Those Hungry to Excel and Advance in Creative Excellence"

"Seamless Success: Our Solution Works Perfectly for YOU, No Matter Your Industry!"

Explore Creativity Uncover What & How We Cover in Our Free Canva Class - Dive into Popular Modules for Limitless Design Mastery

Unlock Amazing Creativity: I Guarantee You'll be Amazed by the Impact of Our Free Canva Course on Your Design Skills

Nilesh Kumar Sharma, a vibrant 32-year-old freelancer in the digital realm, specializes in crafting compelling stories and designing captivating visuals. Passionate about transforming ideas into impactful experiences, he invites collaboration to bring creativity to life in the digital space. Let’s create together!

Meet Dr. Ashish Rohatgi, a 45-year-old Digital Network Marketing Business Coach, devoted to inspiring and guiding professionals in the dynamic world of digital business. With unwavering commitment, his expertise and passion converge to empower Network Marketing enthusiasts, shaping transformative journeys for those aspiring to excel in this evolving realm.

Ratan Kumar Sahu, 35, an expert in digital marketing and content creation, navigates these realms with finesse. His approach goes beyond design, seamlessly integrating the latest trends for impactful projects. Ratan’s innovative touch ensures projects stand out, leaving a lasting impression in the dynamic digital sphere.

"Unlock Excellence: Hire Me Only If Your Answer Is a Resounding YES to Exceptional Talent and Unmatched Dedication!

Social Media Dominance: Enhance online presence and engagement.
Branding Mastery: Create cohesive brand visuals.
Time Efficiency: Streamline design processes for quicker results.
Template Diversity: Access a wide range of customizable templates.
Content Engagement: Capture and maintain audience attention.
Marketability: Boost your career prospects with in-demand skills.
Skill Refinement: Sharpen your graphic design capabilities.
Enjoyable Learning: Learn creatively and make career building a fulfilling journey."
Global Accessibility: Work on designs from anywhere with cloud-based tools.
Team Collaboration: Facilitate seamless group projects.
If Your Answer is "Yes" to Any of the Above Questions,
"You're Ready for a Journey of Achievement and Growth"
"Transform Your Skills: Enroll for the Masterclass Now and Elevate Your Expertise to New Heights!"
  • This is a LIVE CLASS and  You will get all the premium quality videos for lifetime access. 
  • One to one class also available if any confusions 
  • Yes you can, provided you have access to the Internet.
  • To fully engage with the capabilities of this service, all you need is a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device equipped with internet connectivity. Additionally, having a pair of headphones will enhance your experience, allowing you to enjoy clear and uninterrupted communication. With these simple requirements, you can seamlessly connect and make the most of the features offered. Happy exploring!
  • Yes, anyone can register for the Free Canva  course
  • Yes, all relevant material will be provided.
  • Yes! You can clarify your doubts through contacting your Leader. 
  • You can make your payment through: Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm, etc
  • Amount ZERO

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